The Canner Funds enhance the quality of the educational experience provided to the students of the Upper Adams School District.


While the mission of the Funds is to support the Upper Adams School District, it operates independently from the school board. A separate committee, consisting of alumni, parents, community members, teachers, and friends, manages the Funds.


Established in 2010, the Canner Funds are a tangible way for alumni, parents, community members, teachers, businesses, and friends to support the students of the Upper Adams School District each year.


The Adams County Community Foundation establishes, invests, and manages permanently-endowed funds for the local community, including the Canner Funds. Earnings will forever support our teachers and students, and all gifts are tax deductible.


  • Richard Crouse, President
  • Jennifer Baugher
  • Chris Berger
  • Susan Crouse
  • Wesley Doll
  • Cindy Janzyck
  • Courtney Kramer
  • Chris Little
  • Jamie Pelc
  • Sue Pizzuto
  • Ralph Serpe
  • Ellie Hollabaugh Vranich
  • Philip Wagner


The Canner Funds Advisory Board greatly appreciates the many people who give of their time and talents to support the work of the organization. From stuffing envelopes, to setting up and maintaining displays, to assisting with events, the Upper Adams Canner Funds is always in good hands with the help of these volunteers.

Additionally, three committees report to the Canner Funds Advisory Board: Fund Raising, Distribution, and Governing and Nominating. Each committee is led by a member of the Advisory Board and meets periodically.

To learn more about these opportunities and to get involved, please contact us at


Since 2010, the Canner Funds have grown in value to over half a million dollars. With additional gifts from donors like you, the Funds will continue to fuel the creativity of teachers and help them serve our students in innovative ways.

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Getting to Know the Advisory Board - Sarah Landauer

When Biglerville HS principal Beth Graham invited sophomore Sarah Landauer to join the Canner Funds board of directors, Sarah recognized it as a great way to get involved. “I’m not exactly sure how my name came up,” she admitted, “but I thought it was a good way to learn more about the school and how they work to benefit students.”

One of the first student representatives to serve on the Canner Funds board, Sarah has helped define the role. “A student representative’s job is to read the grant applications along with the other board members and make our own recommendations on whicSarah, student advisor to the Canner Funds boardh grants we think should be funded,” she said.

“We began inviting student representatives to join the board in 2018,” said board chair Rick Crouse. “Our thought was both to seek their insights on the grant applications and to offer them what we hope is valuable experience working on a nonprofit board.

“It’s been truly a pleasure to work with Sarah,” Rick added. “Over the past three years, she’s become confident in sharing her ideas and perceptions, and she’s brought new energy to the board as she offers insights and convictions from her student perspective.”

Sarah especially remembers advocating in her first year on the board for a grant requested by art instructor Lisa Harman, who wanted to purchase a special camera for her AP Art classes. “The photography they’re able to take of students’ artwork is amazing and really elevates their portfolios,” Sarah said, explaining that having a professional-looking art portfolio is a real benefit to students seeking college credit for their work.

Sarah’s second year on the Canner Funds board was disrupted by COVID-related school closures. Still, she was gratified that the board opted to donate that year’s classroom-grant funds to the district to help provide students with e-learning resources. “It was nice to see how they donated that money for all the hot spots, because obviously kids needed that,” Sarah said. “There was no way they could have functioned at all without them.”

Now a senior, Sarah is looking forward to acting on her final batch of grant applications this spring. After graduation, she’ll attend Penn State’s College of Engineering as an architectural engineering major. She hopes the Upper Adams community will continue enthusiastically supporting the Canner Funds. “They really try their best to benefit all students in the district,” she said. “It’s a great way to help all teachers and students.”