The Canner Funds enhance the quality of the educational experience provided to the students of the Upper Adams School District.


While the mission of the Funds is to support the Upper Adams School District, it operates independently from the school board. A separate committee, consisting of alumni, parents, community members, teachers, and friends, manages the Funds.


Established in 2010, the Canner Funds are a tangible way for alumni, parents, community members, teachers, businesses, and friends to support the students of the Upper Adams School District each year.


The Adams County Community Foundation establishes, invests, and manages permanently-endowed funds for the local community, including the Canner Funds. Earnings will forever support our teachers and students, and all gifts are tax deductible.


  • Richard Crouse, President
  • Jennifer Baugher
  • Chris Berger
  • Jamie Callahan
  • Susan Crouse
  • Wesley Doll
  • Cindy Janzyck
  • Courtney Kramer
  • Chris Little
  • Sue Pizzuto
  • Ralph Serpe
  • Ellie Hollabaugh Vranich
  • Philip Wagner


The Canner Funds Advisory Board greatly appreciates the many people who give of their time and talents to support the work of the organization. From stuffing envelopes, to setting up and maintaining displays, to assisting with events, the Upper Adams Canner Funds is always in good hands with the help of these volunteers.

Additionally, three committees report to the Canner Funds Advisory Board: Fund Raising, Distribution, and Governing and Nominating. Each committee is led by a member of the Advisory Board and meets periodically.

To learn more about these opportunities and to get involved, please contact us at


Since 2010, the Canner Funds have grown in value to over half a million dollars. With additional gifts from donors like you, the Funds will continue to fuel the creativity of teachers and help them serve our students in innovative ways.

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Getting to Know the Advisory Board - Rick Crouse

Meet Rick CrouseRick Crouse isn’t an Adams County native—he grew up in upstate Pennsylvania, the son of a fruit grower—but he and his wife Sue have lived in Biglerville for 28 years, and their daughter, Stephanie, attended Upper Adams schools, graduating from Biglerville High School in 2012.

Now retired from a career with the USDA Farm Service Agency and AgChoice Farm Credit, Rick has served on the boards of many local organizations, including the Upper Adams Jaycees, the Upper Adams Lions, the National Apple Harvest Festival, the Adams County Planning Commission, and the UASD school board, among many others. He’s been active with the Canner Funds since its beginning in 2010—in fact, he was instrumental in its founding, wrote its bylaws, and has served on its board of directors in various capacities for the last decade. This is Rick’s final year as president of the board.

Looking back, Rick reflects on the unique role the Canner Funds have played—and continues to play—in the Upper Adams community. “The Canner Funds are here to support our students and educators by picking up where our traditional school budgets fall short,” he explained. “Our classroom grants support our schools’ educational programs and initiatives so that our kids have the best education possible and the best opportunities possible.

“But Canner Funds plays another role too—it provides a way for neighbors to help neighbors in our community,” he continued. “It’s a way for Upper Adams alumni to give back. It’s a way for community members and local businesses to step up in a very real way to benefit the children and young adults who are the future of our community. It’s been tremendously rewarding, personally, to be a part of this organization that has received so much support from the community and does so much good for our kids.”

Looking toward the future, Rick would like to see the Canner Funds continue to grow its donor base and its endowment. “Every year we send out letters to our donor list,” he said. “In the beginning, we sent out maybe 100 letters in a year. Last year, our donor list was probably close to 300 letters. That’s great progress, and I’d love to see it continue.

“Increasing our endowment will allow the Canner Funds to continue to thrive in the future,” he added. “We like to see an immediate impact from our donations, and that’s great. On top of that, building and growing an endowment can set us up with enough annual income to be able someday to award scholarships for post-high school programs on top of our classroom grants.”

If Rick has been impressed by the community’s support of the Canner Funds, he’s been equally happy to see support growing among Biglerville High School seniors. “Our seniors have seen first-hand the value of the Canner Funds mission in their education—to the extent that in recent years they’ve made $1,000 donation to the Canner Funds as their senior gift,” he said.

From the beginning, the Canner Funds was meant to work hand-in-hand with the UASD. Rick believes this close relationship has been central to the Canner Funds’ success in achieving its mission. “Our goal is broad: to enhance the educational opportunities of the students in our district,” he said. “Within that broad goal, our priorities can be flexible to support initiatives the district sees as a priority.” He cited as example the more than $23,000 the Canner Funds granted to the district in 2020 to enhance Internet connectivity and help pay for cyberschooling for students attending school remotely during the pandemic. “We suspended our classroom grants when the schools closed and shifted immediately to supporting the district in whatever way they needed us to,” Rick said. “I’m proud that we were in a position to move quickly to help the school district during that difficult time.”

As he looks back on his years of involvement with the Canner Funds, Rick is quick to list the many positive aspects of the work. “It’s a joy that we’re able to share the community’s resources with our schools,” he said. “The feedback we get is so positive. We hear from students, parents, teachers—even local businesses and community members have contacted us. Knowing that our students are benefitting from the support of the community means a lot to me.

“Another of the great joys of being on this board has been seeing what our educators have been able to accomplish with their grants,” Rick said. “They have such creative ideas, and they really make their grants go a long way.”

And then there are his fellow board members. “These are hard-working, dedicated, committed members of our community,” Rick said. “Each one brings a special talent to the board, and each of them are volunteers who are happy to spend their free time helping us carry out the Canner Funds mission. It’s really been hugely rewarding to work with them.”

As it turns out, the sentiment is mutual. Board member Ellie Hollabaugh Vranich summed up the board’s admiration for Rick: “He’s one of the most caring, committed, conscientious leaders with whom I’ve ever had the privilege of serving,” she said. “He devotes countless hours behind the scenes to ensure our organization serves its mission to its fullest potential. He truly leads with the best interest of the organization and its goals at heart, and he guides all who serve with him to do the same.”

Rick Crouse has been a guiding light for the Canner Funds since its beginning, and he’s leaving the organization in an excellent position to grow into the future. Thanks Rick!