The Canner Funds enhance the quality of the educational experience provided to the students of the Upper Adams School District.


While the mission of the Funds is to support the Upper Adams School District, it operates independently from the school board. A separate committee, consisting of alumni, parents, community members, teachers, and friends, manages the Funds.


Established in 2010, the Canner Funds are a tangible way for alumni, parents, community members, teachers, businesses, and friends to support the students of the Upper Adams School District each year.


The Adams County Community Foundation establishes, invests, and manages permanently-endowed funds for the local community, including the Canner Funds. Earnings will forever support our teachers and students, and all gifts are tax deductible.


  • Ann Showers, President
  • Chris Berger
  • Wesley Doll
  • Jake Grim
  • Kay Hollabaugh
  • Courtney Kramer
  • Amanda Markle
  • Susan Pizzuto
  • Pam Shaffer
  • Deborah Yargar-Reed


The Canner Funds Advisory Board greatly appreciates the many people who give of their time and talents to support the work of the organization. From stuffing envelopes, to setting up and maintaining displays, to assisting with events, the Upper Adams Canner Funds is always in good hands with the help of these volunteers.

Additionally, three committees report to the Canner Funds Advisory Board: Fund Raising, Distribution, and Governing and Nominating. Each committee is led by a member of the Advisory Board and meets periodically.

To learn more about these opportunities and to get involved, please contact us at


Since 2010, the Canner Funds have grown in value to over half a million dollars. With additional gifts from donors like you, the Funds will continue to fuel the creativity of teachers and help them serve our students in innovative ways.

kids playing
A special thanks to Jen Baugher for her board service!

  In December 2021, local resident, small-business owner, and
Biglerville High School alumna Jen Baugher (’00) completed
her maximum two terms on the Canner Funds advisory
board, where she served for several years as chair of the
board’s Marketing & Fundraising Committee. We asked her to
reflect on her time with the Canner Funds and look ahead
toward its future.

CF: What inspired you to join the Canner Funds advisory
board back in 2015?

JB: I didn’t know much about the organization at the time but
was intrigued by their mission. I liked the idea of getting
involved in a community organization that supported our
teachers and students in such a tangible way. I knew it would
be a good way to give back to the school district that had
invested in me as I was growing up.

CF: What was your favorite part of being involved on the
Canner Funds board?

JB: The aspect I enjoyed the most was working alongside a
group of folks who genuinely care about enhancing the
education of our UASD students and providing opportunities
to our teachers. It’s been rewarding to play a part in this
effort, and I’m so proud of the work that’s been accomplished
over the years.

CF: What are your thoughts about the future of the Canner

JB: I think the future is very bright for the Canner Funds. We
need to continue increasing awareness and make sure our
community knows more about the work being done to support
our kids and teachers in the classroom. We’re giving directly
to support the district classrooms, but we also have the
opportunity to continue building an endowment as the years
go by. Both will have a lasting impact for our community, and
it’s something we’re excited to see grow.

CF: What else would you like the community to know about
the Canner Funds?

JB: The Canner Funds board and committees operate
entirely on volunteer help, and we’ve been very fortunate to
have meaningful involvement from skilled individuals over the
years. Folks should know that we’re open to engagement
from our community members and would like to see more
people get involved. From my experience, my Canner Funds
involvement never felt like work or something else on my
plate—it was truly a privilege to contribute to the Canner
Funds mission.

Thank you, Jen, for your commitment and service to the
Canner Funds and the UASD community!