The Canner Funds provide an avenue of continued support for District students, programs, and initiatives that go beyond what can be funded through the basic operating budget. Contributions directly support the education programs that benefit students and, in turn, the Upper Adams Community.

Upper Adams Canner Funds recently awarded $10,100 in grants to more than 20 teachers for a variety of classroom activities and materials. Activities included field trips to Envirothon, Washington D.C., calculators, STEM kits, health and wellness materials, AP class supplies, support for Color Day and Cultural Arts Days, and more! These are items that would not have normally been funded through the school district’s budget that the Canner Funds Advisory Board felt strongly about supporting to further enhance the opportunities and experiences for children attending Upper Adams School District.

2019-2020 School Year Grant Awards

Below is a partial list of grants awarded:

  • Biglerville High School – Harman – AP Art Equipment
  • Biglerville High School – Meeson– Factile Subscription – Jeopardy style learning program for math
  • Upper Adams Middle School – Kistler – “Envirothon”
  • Bendersville/Arendtsville Elementary – Hertzog – Calculators
  • Bendersville Elementary – Kuntz – Sound equipment for learning support students
  • Biglerville/Bendersville/Arendtsville Elementary – Glassman – STEM Kits
  • Biglerville/Bendersville/Arendtsville Elementary – Fine Arts Team – Cultural Arts Day


2018 School Year Grant Successes Shared

Teachers who receive classroom grants are asked to complete utilization surveys, which helps us share with our donors how their money is used – and appreciated! Read on for a few excerpts from teachers on how the grants they applied for benefited their students.

Deb Yarger-Reed was awarded a grant to take 6th grade Bendersville Elementary students to visit the National Cemetery in Gettysburg, where they placed wreaths on veterans’ graves to pay tribute to their lives of service. “[I am] thankful for the grant funding to help show students how important it is to remember and respect our Veterans and their service to our country. Being a part of the community Sgt Mac service project helps the students to think of others and the role they play in the freedom of our lives.”

Jesus Gomez-Nieves was awarded a grant to purchase scholastic spelling dictionaries and thesauri for his 4th grade Arendtsville Elementary students. “One of the lasting and biggest impacts this grant has had on my students is that each of them has independently gained confidence in automatically relying on the resources as additional references for their reading and writing during whole group lessons, guided reading, small group lessons, or when working with partners. This new found confidence in selecting diverse word usage and reading comprehension transcends all learning levels, whether they are EL, LS, Gifted, or regular education students. The resources will continue to be used year after year, so new groups of students will benefit from the generosity of the Canner Grant Committee and its donors.”

Robert Dwyer was awarded a grant to purchase a 3D printer for his classes at the Upper Adams Middle School and Biglerville High School. “Students were engaged in a unique learning experience. I have a had other students who want to take the class now that they have seen the types of experiences that are possible.”

Kandra Long was awarded a grant to purchase learning stations for her 3rd grade classroom at Biglerville Elementary. “I feel this grant was very valuable. Actively engaging students and giving them the opportunity to explore different strategies to solve real world problems using skills taught in the classroom helps to ensure learning is taking place. Besides learning how to apply skills to solve problems, students are also learning how to work and cooperate with other people, an extremely valuable skill to have. The other very positive aspect of this grant is that the materials purchased with this grant will be able to be used with third graders for many years to come.”

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